San Diego, CA



The mission statement of the Women’s Craft Beer Collective is: Educating women in the enjoyment and fine art of craft beer. We participate and strongly support the local breweries of San Diego and North San Diego. We don’t always tour, listen to brewers speak, study tasting notes and styles or brew. Sometimes we simply gather and craft. We really just enjoy using our hands and being artistic, of course with beer close by!


our story

It all started in January of 2013. Women’s Craft Beer Collective was an idea that bloomed from my weekly pilgrimage to breweries where I would take along a few willing girlfriends. Our pilgrimages evolved organically as a monthly meetup. From the inception, the idea was always to learn about beer! I have also been fortunate to have worked for two amazing breweries. You can currently find me “womening” the taps at Culture Brewing Co. in Solana Beach.



"Kristine encourages women to get together to explore and learn more about the wonderful world of craft beer." -Hoplight Social


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