Aurora Hoppyalis

What would you say if you could only just pick one favorite beer? A beer that’s such a part of your life, that you can’t imagine not seeing it in your beer fridge!? That’s exactly the position I was in recently, and for many it would take some time to make a decision, but it was an easy one for me.

No, I have never seen the “Aurora Borealis” or “Northern Lights”, but here in San Diego, we have our own great green glow of particles. I prefer to think of it as our own beautifully fragrant hop cloud, and one of the beers that has it’s ethereal touch, is my beloved Aurora Hoppyalis!

Thank God that Karl Strauss produces this San Diego style IPA year-round, because a delicious IPA has no season. Brewed with Simco, Mosaic, Amarillo and Citra hops, giving it copious amounts of beachy
tropical fruit and mountain piney goodness. Moderately bitter, so maybe that’s why I am comfortable bringing this one out on warm beach days. But, at a more ideal beer serving temperature, it still gives this hop chaser all that bitterness I’m looking for!

The team at Karl Strauss have confirmed that they spent more than a year perfecting and fine tuning the

recipe for Aurora Hoppyalis, and I assure you I am not the only one who is glad they did. They
certainly succeeded in creating a perfect representation of a San Diego style IPA, and will always have the respect of this beer girl! Plus, just take a look at the label designed by their in-house graphic designers ...who doesn’t love a groovy giant hop flying over the skies of San Diego, showering us with hoppy goodness?!

Karl Strauss was founded in 1989, they are the oldest surviving brewery in San Diego County, as well as being the Great American Beer Fest 2016 Mid-Size Brewing Company of the year. Not to mention numerous awards and medals for multiple beer styles over the years.

I guess you could say I drink beer as a profession, and that can be exhausting of all my senses; but sometimes we just want to DRINK BEER... and not think! To just relax with an awesome pint, one you know time and time again will be there for you, and not disappoint! I know which beer does that for me, do you? 

dillon baker